Layer 8I live on the Wirral Peninsula with my wife, four children, two dogs & several evil chickens. My house overlooks the forbidding marshes of the Dee Estuary which is great for wildlife, spooky mists & wet feet.

I love reading and writing (obviously) and I also enjoy running. Running is great. It gives me time to think and keeps me fit too. I grew up playing in the ruins of a Victorian zoo, which was great fun and a bit scary as my big brother told me that the bears from the zoo still lived in the woods that had grown up around it!

My favourite food, apart from chips, is probably chicken korma, or maybe mussels or perhaps lasagne or maybe roast lamb…

There are more facts locked up in these quizzes and riddles. See if you can find out more about me!

I’m the same age as the Daleks. C.S. Lewis died in the year I was born and so did John F. Kennedy, president of the USA at the time.

Do you know Mayhew?

How well do you know Mayhew – answers to this quiz are hidden all over this page. Find them all to complete the quiz!

Rhymes & Riddles

I play a musical instrument and love traditional music – solve the riddle below to work out what instrument I play:

My first is in Me but not in See,
My second is the first of all letters,
My third makes the first two letters male,
My fourth is the river by which I live,
My fifth is a circle,
My sixth is in Lin but not in Pin,
My seventh is the third vowel,
My eighth is the third.
(Answer – Mandolin)


Anagram Alley

I have two dogs here is an anagram of their breed: Rack Jells Us
My favourite children’s book is Loshe by A Social Rush
My favourite book character is from a Dickens novel about Christmas: Bees Cozen Ere Ogre