As a former teacher, I am passionate about encouraging children to read and enjoy their writing. I’ve taught High School English and Drama, Primary, I was a High School Senco, Specialist Support Teacher for Autism and I did a few years in Special Schools too. So I am completely at home in most school environments! I am also a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund and spend two days a week at Aberystwyth University, working with students to improve their writing.

A well-organised author visit can have a dramatic impact on reading for pleasure and literacy outcomes within a school. I offer fun, interactive workshops and talks on a variety of areas:

Reading for Pleasure
Idea Generation
Building Tension
Writing Short Stories

If you have a particular school focus or need something more bespoke, just let me know. My books are aimed at year 5 through to 9 or beyond but I’m happy delivering workshops to younger and older students, including sixth form.

I work through a number of agencies including:

Or you can contact me: jon@