Reading Schemes

Primary School Texts

I have written a number of retellings of classic stories for Collins Big Cat:

Shakespeare: Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet told from the viewpoint of minor characters to help pupils enjoy the story and begin to understand the character development and themes central to each play. A great way in to two classics of our Literary Heritage.

Blood Cave: A retelling of the cyclops story from The Odyssey. A great starting point for any study of Myths and legends!

Oxford University Press:

Myths and Legends Kit: What is the difference between a myth and a legend? What do they have in common? Which ingredients are most important for a really convincing myth? Want to write  our own myth story? This book takes you through some of the world’s best known and lesser known myths and legends, using fun activities, group tasks and some chilling stories to analyse myths and legends ancient and modern and give you the tools to write your own myth or legend.

I have written re-tellings of favourite stories for Collins and OUP. I always welcome new commissions and pride myself on meeting or beating a deadline!

Quick Reads

I also write shorter fiction for impatient or reluctant readers:

Deathmire – A truly atmospheric gothic tale from the depths of Victorian London by Jon Mayhew, award-winning author of Mortlock.

Tom Striker is a mud lark, earning a crust foraging on the banks of The Thames for anything worth selling. When his friend Billy goes missing, and he saves a man claiming to be Old Father Thames, Tom and his friends are caught up in a battle between powerful spirits.

This title is published by Franklin Watts EDGE, which produces a range of books to get children reading with confidence. EDGE – for books children can’t put down.

Death Road – In the twenty-fourth century the world is one big desert,plagued by flesh-hungry zombies. The survivors have built walls around what was left of their cities to keep the zombies out. This is the world Omak lives in. Omak is a 16 year old ‘Postie’ who delivers messages, medicine, anything between cities, braving the ravenous ‘Snappers’ who populate the desert. He competes with the feisty Silva for work until one he gets a job she just won’t let him have. But it’s more than professional jealousy.

Death Road is published by Badger Learning as part of their Teen Reads series.